Bassetts Soft & Chewy Vitamins Free Soft Play Sessions

two have these vitamins every day, they love them, they think it’s a little
treat and I use them to bribe them to eat their breakfast! It might not be the best parenting strategy
bribing but it does encourage them to eat everything up and helps a little with
the whole getting to school on time problem!

It might just be a coincidence but I think since they started
taking Bassetts Soft & Chewy Vitamins they stay on the whole
healthier. They seem to have fewer
sniffles and colds, which is fabulous, as I do not like them missing too much
school and although I try my best to keep them topped up with fruit and vegetables I think a multivitamin is a good idea to help offset the junk food they still badger me for!

I am even more impressed with these vitamins now as with
every packet you get a free soft play session, with this promotion there has
never been a better time to stock up on them or try them for the first time if
you have not already. As long as your
child is 3+ they will enjoy the taste and benefit from all the vitamins helping
them grow and develop. My youngest has had them since he was 3 and is at 4 the tallest in his class, so he is thriving on

We headed to Bonkerz Fun Centre in Llandudno, which turned out to be a lovely soft play center. But there are plenty more
involved in the promotion, nearly 200 great soft play centers around the UK are
taking part. You can see where the
closest is to you on their website. I think it is a well matched promotion because its encouraging children to get physical and run around burning off some energy!

Hubbie and I have started using the everyday health
packs these are a good ones for the family as a whole (as long as your children
are 6+) as you can all have the same chewy vitamins and not miss out on the
great taste the children usually enjoy.

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