Cold Feet

No I am not having second thoughts on something, I am just feeling the cold! Padding around on my lovely wooden floors is not so much fun now that it’s getting bitter outside, the floor is freezing! I am too scared to wear my toasty slippers after I went flying in them a few weeks back, carrying two little beakers of lemonade no less, which I threw all up the walls (you might remember that sorry incident!)…

So, I need to remedy the situation quick before I have little icicles hanging off my toes. Slippers and socks make me slip and slide on this floor so I need a safer alternative, so I am thinking rugs. The floor looks quite bare – it definitely needs something to bring out more warmth in the room and protect my feet! I am the kind of person who wraps up well; in the house I would want my onesie, a dressing gown and a blanket to tuck in into the warm to watch something with the hubbie in the evening. So I do not know why I thought bare wooden floors would suit my inherent dislike of feeling cold!!!

We only have a carpet on our stairs and landing so the majority of our flooring is laminate, so to save further protests from my feet I certainly am going to see what my options are. I do see some lovely advantages having this type of flooring as it’s easier to keep clean than the carpets we had and during the summer it’s lovely and cool underfoot when it’s so hot and humid! But now with the cold snap looming I need to invest in some rugs quick, shaggy rugs look the most comfortable, although I think I would find the dog trying to make the most of lying around on it! She is not too impressed with the cold floors either and often spreads herself across our sofa to avoid them!

I especially love the Celebration Silver Rug, the colour silver is very stylish and I have a black sofa with silver cushions so would fit in well with the theme in our living room.

I think a rug like this would help my living room come together quite nicely! It’s amazing what a difference a little touch like a new rug can make to a room.

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