Exciting News

We are thrilled to be part of the John Adams Games Group; we love nothing more
than playing games as a family! If its
raining outside and given we live in Wales that is a pretty regular sight then
settling in for a gaming session is a pleasant way to pass the time
together. With the dark long evenings
it can also add a bit of excitement and make a welcome change to watching
whatever happens to be on the television! 
So for us as a family it is perfect being chosen as one of the John
Adams Games Group members.

We will be hopefully inviting a few friends over to join in the fun with both lots of our games deliveries. I am really looking forward to seeing what will arrive and getting stuck in. Keep following my blog to see how we get on and get some great games suggestions ready for Christmas.

Games really do help children learn so much such as the ability to take turns, to learn to win or lose gracefully and to develop other skills depending on the game, possibly increasing their knowledge of the colours, mathematics or facts, so I am sure we are in for an interesting few weeks. But personally the boys are hoping to see Gooey Louie in their package, it looks gross but I know that’s what the boys like!

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