Fighting it naturally

I said yesterday I am suffering with a cold, I have a headache and generally
feeling a little glum and under the weather! 
Usually I pop a few paracetamol and
have a hot drink or two to take the edge off, if I am lucky I get to hide in
bed for a couple of hours and have soup brought to me! But it really depends on how generous hubbie
is feeling…

do worry about taking too many tablets, as an asthmatic I already need my
inhalers regularly. My asthma is well
controlled but its still extra medicine in my body, I would love to treat my
ailments more naturally. So I viewed
this diagram of a herb map with interest from Baldwins, maybe I could start to treat
myself with an assortment of herbs and avoid some of the conventional medicines
from now on.

guess before we had synthetic medicine we did have to reply on herbal remedies
so they have been around for so much longer. 
They have been used over many generations all over the world to treat a
multitude of illnesses. So I think my
hot drink will change to chamomile tea to help soothe my poor head! My mum is always drinking the stuff so she
must be on to something. Then I noticed
there are a few herbs designed to help with Asthma, it might be worth my giving
them a try too. I have relied on my
inhalers since I was five years old and my mum bribed me to try them with

I just need to sort out my creaky joints, I might feel like a new woman then… I
will stock pile an assortment of herbal tea, creams and ointments and impress
everyone with my new found knowledge and my non-creaking bones!

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