Filling my evenings


The nights are drawing in and we can get the boys in bed on time now! When its dark outside they have less fight in them come bedtime.  But if its naturally bright they make a fuss and demand to stay up till its black outside and the stars are twinkling.  Even when that might be much later than our normal agreed bedtime. I do not like the cold of winter but I do like the more manageable bedtimes. We are getting more free time in the evening.  Now I can think about how to go about filling my evenings.


I would say blog, but I am somewhat of a blogging addict.  I have no middle ground.  I sprint through outstanding posts like a woman possessed and hunt out fresh competitions like a bloodhound! But I need to find some non-blogging related pastimes, before hubbie divorces me… if I am not writing posts I am working on blogging maintenance behind the scenes.

So with my longer evening, I shall finally read my huge pile of books that have been patiently awaiting my attention.  They have been there that long I will have to give them a good dust before I can commence reading.


Hubbie wants us to try some new computer games, he is a big gamer at heart and sulks periodically that I do not devote enough time to his hobby anymore. Back in the day we used to play World of Warcraft together, he my warrior, I his trusty priest! They have a good offer at the moment, all the existing games for only £9.99!!! Will I be drawn back in; at that price it’s a possibility!

But mainly I want to look into some other online games, because he tends to spend £30-£40 on a new computer game and then usually dismisses it shortly afterwards! Maybe he can have a trial first to be sure he likes it…


I am also a little tempted to try a sneaky game.  I have fond memories of my university days giving it a try in a hall with one of those big blotter pens and I actually won a bottle of wine! I was so proud of myself.  Even though the wine was pretty disgusting and I think no one could brave actually drinking it!  The only problem is knowing where to start, there are so many different bingo sites.  I think I will head to Boomtownbingo so I can do some research to see which site has the best offers.  Some of them offer a bonus on your deposits, others free money to play with!

Lets be honest anything to wile away the evening and you never know I might actually win something! If I do I can donate it to hubbie’s computer gaming habit!

I love my boys, but when they sleep it is lovely and peaceful and I can claw back some me time.

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  1. hahaha! My fella and I used to play WOW too….Him a Warrior me a hunter…..We stopped shortly after the Pandaria expansion….I got into blogging and just didn't have time for it….

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