Fox’s Biscuits American Style

looked a little excited when I unwrapped a selection of Fox’s biscuits! These new flavours are all inspired by the
USA and their love of sweet things. I
am a sucker for anything new, I cannot go grocery shopping without being drawn
to them, so testing the limited edition biscuits was right up my street.

It was decided as it was a cold October afternoon we would
play board games and test biscuits with cups of piping hot tea for the grownups
and milk for the boys! I can think of
worse ways to wile away our time together as a family.

Fox’s Key Lime Pie Crunch Creams had a mixed reaction, hubbie and I
found them too sweet, but eldest really enjoyed them! I am not overly keen on lime unless it’s in a margarita, so I was
not overly enthusiastic about this packet even before taking the first bite
anyway! But the Fox’s Mississippi
Mud Pie
caught my eye straight away…

very chocolaty is definitely my sort of biscuit lately! These were quite moreish and I admit I ate
more than I should in one sitting; I was encouraging the boys to try the other
varieties so I could hog more for myself! 
But as it happens they were more excited about the Fox’s Blueberry
Muffin Party Rings
, the pair of them were begging for me to let them have a
midnight feast that evening with the remaining biscuits!

Rings are fabulous for children’s parties; children seem to make a beeline for
them! So I have a feeling the new
addition will be well received across the country at the next round of
birthdays. But you will have to be
quick as these American style biscuits are available for a limited time only.

Fox’s Cherry Cheesecake Jam’n Cream were quite nice too. I do enjoy this type of biscuit normally;
you get the best of both worlds with jam and cream included. Hubbie is a huge cheesecake fan but these
biscuits did not quite reach his exacting standards. I just had to eat another to confirm yes I do like them! I can get the hang of double-checking my
opinions if it means I have an excuse to keep eating biscuits.

were an interesting novelty and worth a nibble but Fox’s Chunkie Cookies still
carry my favour.

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