I am having a new phone (stamps feet!)

I am still using my brick of a phone but this Christmas I think it will finally change; I am craving the style and sophistication of a Samsung Galaxy S4!. I was laughing about my current phone with a friend, saying I wonder why we go to the effort to lock it in a safe when abroad! As seriously who in their right mind would want to pinch my mobile phone (which probably only just fits into the mobile category as its quite weighty to carry around!).

I want the S4, as it is jam packed with features, my phone at the moment cannot do anything as simple as take a picture or connect to the Internet. But the S4 does all that and does it with finesse, not just any camera here you can do different shots, you can animate photos and of course enjoy the impressive 13 mega pixels!

Currently I miss so many lovely photo opportunities with my boys, because I tend not to carry a camera but always have my phone/brick to hand. So if I ditch my phone for a S4 with the inbuilt camera I will always catch those magical moments to treasure instead of missing the rare occasions my boys give each other a quick cuddle.

I love the big display currently with my phone you really have to squint to get a good look to read a text properly! I would be spoilt with a 5″ HD (no less!) screen.

My boys would enjoy me having a decent phone too, the games on my phone at the moment are very limited, I do not think I can add anymore as with no internet I have no ability to download anything worthwhile. So we are stuck with Forbidden Treasures, I could have hand drawn better graphics myself and I am no artist! My boys are craving some decent games with some substance and excitement.

The Monsters University app looks good and a bargain for 62p! No more hassle for me waiting for appointments I will just pass over my new S4 to the boys for some peace and quiet! Phew the end of running wild round the doctors…

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