I have not given up yet

am still looking for “the house”; it is a daily activity using up far too much
time. I get carried away researching
each and everyone and in that time it is cruelly snatched off the market. I was told by the local estate agent that
its actually tourists buying all the properties in the area as a rule and not a
huge local market wanting to upsize. So
sadly I am in competition with wealthy people that can afford another home, we
have no chance! So each day we make a
list of properties to visit and ones we daydream about but are out of our budget,
so I might have an update if I am lucky at some point.

I am not putting my heart on my sleeve and falling in love
so easily anymore, I now know buying a property is not as simple and you have
to toughen yourself up for a few disappointments before finding the one. My friend said she has even considered
upping sticks completely and moving to Scotland. I had not thought of changing countries, but I guess if you widen
your search far enough I am bound to find something quicker! I can blog from home and we would still have
nice treats to review but hubbie does have a decent job here, so I think my
daydreaming will not extend quite that far…

a little peek at estate agents Scotland would not do any harm, just to see what has made my friend so
certain that it’s the place to be. I
wonder what our budget would get us there, although I do not have the stomach
to eat haggis I might quite like seeing hubbie in a kilt! Hubbie would enjoy fishing though and you
can even do a search by lifestyle choices on Strutt & Parker how clever is
that! If I could convince hubbie of an
idyllic lifestyle with his own little boat and fishing rod he might be excited! So far he has more luck catching fish with
his hands!!!

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