In need of a breakaway more than ever

I think I am catching a cold, I cannot stop sneezing and
that combined with dropping over £200 on vet bills in the last couple of days
has taken some of the shine from my usually cheery disposition! I feel I need to plan a holiday for next
year but hubbie is putting up a fight! 
He is all for clearing debt and saving money; I am more drawn to the
dark side of naughty little indulgences.

was looking at this infographic from the people over at Indespension of how to choose an
outdoor holiday and think I am going to leave it conveniently around hubbie, so
he gets the hint!

think plenty of fresh air might blow away my sniffles and of course the boys
sleep much better with plenty of activity to keep them occupied. I like the do you want to exert high levels
of energy question? YES PLEASE! I want
my two boys exhausted come bedtime, with no fight in them to try and drag it
out and keep calling us back upstairs again and again!

like views but not heights so I think for us we will be going white water
rafting soon as a family! Although I
think we would need youngest to ditch his armbands first, they don’t quite fit
in with the image of this high adrenaline sport. Also for these active holidays you really need a tow bar or a
trailer to carry all the gear and equipment for proper family adventures,
fingers crossed I am work on hubbie to get us kitted out! If I cannot persuade him down the high-energy
route maybe he will explore other options with me, we could always give camping
a try! I am all for toasting
marshmallows on a campfire or even better smores so I get my chocolate fix too!

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