Keeping everything clean and tidy

children comes with lots of mess, mucky handprints, crayon on walls, and the
odd accident when you’re going through the process of toilet training with them! You have to learn to relax a little, your
house might be your castle but for a while whilst your raising children it
might not be so grand or majestic as you would like!

But you can obviously do
the odd bit to help, keep lots of wet wipes to hand, ever ready for a quick
wipe over before your child imprint their hand on your newly painted
walls!!! Keep the crayons out of reach
for supervised art sessions; I learnt that mistake when I kept them at their
level! My lovely new walls are not
quite as lovely anymore… I guess I was lucky they stopped with the crayons,
they could have added glitter and glue too!

“Where shall I decorate for mummy next?”

prepare for toilet training we made sure we had a decent cot
bed mattress protector, as mattresses are expensive to replace! I wanted to make sure if we had a little
accident you could just swipe it down and be good to go again. Hallelujah one less thing to worry about!

children seem to destroy enough bless them just getting through a normal
day! I had to order a new carbon
monoxide detector yesterday as youngest went to grab some crisps off the side and
then sent it flying! It lay on the
floor looking forlorn and a little smashed up! 
£20 down the drain for a new one… sigh! 

I make a point of only spending out where I know it will benefit us in the long
run! My boys did exceptionally well with
toilet training and went through the night quickly with relative ease, but a
few years back if they were feeling poorly, there was always the chance things
might not go to plan and a wet patch might have appeared! So I am pleased that we never had to replace
a mattress, as that eats into my cake-eating budget!

you’re struggling with toilet training there are heaps of useful tips out
there, I love the ABC of potty
training to make sure you breeze through it!

Little Green Sheep have some lovely artwork for you to print
and the little ones to colour in, if you want to focus their attention away
from your walls! I would recommend
printing out a few of the animal prints and focusing their attention on them

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