Kellogg’s Give a Child a Breakfast Campaign and Competition

Sending off my boys with a decent breakfast in their
tummies is one of my main aims before sending them off to school with a kiss
and a cuddle! But for some parents it
can be difficult they might be on an extremely tight budget and in need of a
little extra help to provide a healthy breakfast. Money does not go far these days; there is always something to be
fixed or replaced and school uniforms and learning materials to be bought.

a nourishing breakfast helps children focus on their learning rather than a
rumbling tummy, they have more energy to face the day ahead of them, to embrace
opportunities rather than sit despondently. 
It has been proven children who eat breakfast do better at school, they
achieve higher grades, they have a longer attention span, and basically they
thrive on it.

is where Kellogg’s come in thankfully they are helping more children get a
decent breakfast before starting their day!

I am excited to be involved with Kellogg’s and eager to draw attention
to their campaign. I am proud to be
encouraging people to get involved as I think it is such a worthwhile
cause. Every time you share, tweet or
watch the video on the Kellogg’s Help
Give a Child a Breakfast website Kellogg’s will donate one breakfast in a
deprived area. Their aim is to donate a
staggering 2 million breakfasts! I have
shared on facebook, tweeted and watched the video so I know I have contributed
three breakfasts now! It feels good to
help. Shockingly 1 in 7 children go
without breakfast in the UK and Ireland, it is heartbreaking hearing that. Fortunately my boys school have a breakfast
club offering free breakfast every day, I think that it’s such a fabulous
scheme and a great help for many parents in the local community. I would like to see every child in the UK
having a proper breakfast and not going hungry.

Of course you will all want to help me out with this I am sure and as a little incentive I
have on offer a £50 cereal voucher you can donate to your local school. Just leave a comment below letting me know how many breakfasts you have donated (each one will give you an extra chance to win the voucher), if you cannot comment here comment on my facebook page just make sure you are tweeting and sharing on facebook and doing your bit to raise attention! The competition will close on the 26th of October.

43 thoughts on “Kellogg’s Give a Child a Breakfast Campaign and Competition

  1. I've watched all 4 videos on the site (not sure if that counts as 1 breakfast or 4 though!) and shared on facebook 🙂

  2. Done facebook and twitter, I think its really sad. I help in school and i find it really hard to see them come in hungry.

  3. Six. What great support this is for children. To allow them to have a breakfast prior to their school day, assisting in their learning. Giving them an opportunity to learn and socialise with their school mates at an important mealtime.

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