Kitting out the girls this winter

have two gorgeous nieces but having boys myself I do not know the latest girl
fashion! But I have been reliably
informed it’s all about Catimini with the trademark bright colours and bold
patterns I can see some of the attraction! 
I am sure my sister in law has been getting their winter wardrobe ready;
the girls are so very fashionable and well dressed, just like their mummy!

poor boys did not have the most promising of starts in terms of fashion with
myself in charge of their wardrobe, hubbie often says I have them in completely
clashing choices that do not work at all. 
Perhaps that is why they have taken more interest in picking what they
want to wear for the day, to avoid wearing my choices.

Catimini coats for
girls would keep my nieces wrapped up warm and also help keep
everyone cheery on the cold dark nights ahead. 
Just because its dark outside does not mean all their clothes have to be
black, brown or navy, a splash of colour can really add some life to a wintery
backdrop! Spring and summer might not
seem so distant when you can still enjoy vivid colours but still feel toasty
with the accompanying matching tights!

can look pretty all year round with Catimini and then perhaps a little Monnalisa winter
range thrown in for good measure. 
The girl’s headband would look lovely and festive for Christmas with the
red colour and the star design. It is
good to know high-end fashion can possibly be in your grasp if you shop at the
right places!

I guess I should
start dressing my two to be noticed in the crowd, but sometimes I think with
their love of playing with mud, sand and water it might be waste for now. I might save the latest trends for a couple
more years, as they are most likely to be found modelling grass stains than
anything else! Then when they are
trying to impress the ladies we can finally pull out all the stops… although according
to youngest he already has seven wives! 
He is only four!!!

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