Lalaloopsy Teddy Honey Pots Doll Competition

I know I had a few followers excited to hear about a Lalaloopsy competition going live this weekend and despite a long day (eldest had a football match, followed by both boys at a firework craft event, then youngest attending a 5th birthday party!) I will not keep you waiting! Even though I have boys, they have plenty of girl friends and judging by their Lalaloopsy collections I get the impression these are the dolls that will be making lots of girls Christmas lists across the country, especially as the range keeps expanding.

It’s hard to avoid seeing how much the popularity of Lalaloopsy has grown so I will not keep you wondering any longer here is a picture of the prize – a Teddy Honey Pots Doll (RRP Β£26.99) all together now “Awww”).

This adorable addition is made from a teddy bear which explains the cute fluffy cuffs and clothes and the cute pet bee companion. Teddy Honey Pots loves nothing more than hugs, climbing tree’s and long winter naps. Good thing she has a pet bee as she also enjoys eating far too much honey! Her sewn on date is 10th July (Teddy Bear Picnic Day).

If you have a smaller budget the Mini Lalaloopsyβ„’ dolls (RRP Β£5.99) make a great stocking filler for Christmas, with over 80 in total you can keep slowly adding to their collection. At that kind of price you could use them as little rewards for good behaviour at school or at home, much better than bribing your children with sweets! I quite fancy the Scoops Serves Ice Creamβ„’ playset, I just feedback all this information to you guys because sometimes with dolls this fabulous I feel a little sad I cannot buy them more often. Although if I told hubbie we were trying again for a girl I think he would go into shock…

If you would like to win then please complete the rafflecopter below by the 28th of October.

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212 thoughts on “Lalaloopsy Teddy Honey Pots Doll Competition

  1. How i wish i could live the magical world of lalaloopsy. My daughters just love all the bits that go with this x

  2. Arrghh this one is so cute πŸ™‚ my little girl Addie is obsessed with Lalaloopsy. It's easy to see why.I love all adorable names.

  3. This is so cute – I have 2 girls who adore Lalaloopsy !! This would make a great little Christmas pressie ! x

  4. My daughter is OBSESSED with Lalaloopsy so we'd love to win. Her favourite doll is the silly hair one and i can tell you kneeling on a piece of that silly hair hurts more than lego #justsayin

  5. my daughter loves lalaloopsy she would love this for xmas which is what i would do if i won πŸ˜‰ every lil helps right

  6. I love the Lalaloopsy doll's names and their cute little pets. My niece loves these and I want to get one for my grand daughter. Isn't the bee sweet with the Teddy Honey Pots doll?

  7. I think my kids would love to live in lalaloopsy land.. I do exactly what you say and reward the girls with the little lalaloopsys when they are good

  8. My daughter absolutely loves Lalaloopsy. We have a few of the mini ones but not a larger doll so she would love this πŸ™‚

  9. We love the Lalaloopsy dolls in our house i love that the hair doesn't get all tangly like some dolls mans the wee ones can enjoy messing the hair and i don't need to spend 20 minutes detangling πŸ˜› did i say mess? oops i meant Style πŸ˜‰

  10. My daughter keeps pointing out Lalaloopsy on the tv! We have none yet but its on her Xmas list, very cute πŸ™‚

  11. My girls love the La La Loopsy dolls, they don't actually own any though, so this would be lovely! Thanks for the chance! πŸ™‚ x x x

  12. my daughter would love this, would be a nice Christmas present as my husband has lost his job and we can't afford to get her much this christmas πŸ™

  13. First I have heard of Lalaloopsy :- Teddy Honey Pot Doll is so cute and sweet. I like that it comes with a honeybee. Nice way to introduce children to animals. Introduce them to nature :- where does honey come from? etc. As children as so keen to learn, and learn best at play.

  14. these lovely dolls are on my daughters christmas list and I'm pleased as heir girly and usually she's like her brothers a tomboy

  15. My daughter loves lalaloopsy – she keeps seeing them on tv and I would really love to give her a doll for xmas πŸ™‚

  16. love lala loopsy, my daughter has just added them to her xmas wish list so this would deffo be wrapped and put under the tree from santa(doesnt he get all the credit lol)

  17. The Lalaloopsy Teddy Honey Pots Doll is so adorable!!! Definitely going on my daughter's Christmas wish list!

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