Making a little more space

We have toys everywhere, the playroom has masses of them, we get sent new review items every week not that I am complaining it keeps the boys entertained but it is difficult finding space for storing everything! I really do not know where to put the next batch and that’s before we even get started on Christmas and finding room to stash all of Santa’s kind offerings. All of our plastic toy boxes are full to the brim and over spilling onto the floor, the drawers are weighed down with the sheer weight of the smaller toys and the boys are slowly encroaching on the adult territory! I do like the toys confined to their rooms come bedtime so we have a grown up living room for a few hours of the evening.

Usually I sell a few bits or make a donation to the local charity shop if it gets too crowded but last time the unloved toys that were re-homed were suddenly pined for and not forgotten! So to avoid a repeat performance of those tears and tantrums I am going to invest in a few more storage boxes from Plastic Box Shop then I do not have to clear out any more toys. We can have a creative stacking system so that there is enough floor space to actually play with any given toy, at the moment it gets a little dicey and they soon trip up over everything they get out! That’s if they manage to find what they are looking for, everything is all mixed up and a little chaotic to say the least.

I definitely need all the tips available to me to get organised and this how to de-clutter your playroom article certainly helped. I love how they say toys at the bottom of boxes get forgotten, so you really need to think of the sizes of the storage boxes you buy! I think it would be useful to get a selection so the little LEGO pieces are not lost in a big box under lots of giant toys.

Another tip from personal experience get strong storage boxes my dad sat on one once and went through it whilst holding my two boys! Poor fellows got a shock, so I think I want one of the unbreakable boxes I am sure that would survive life in our house!!!

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