Moshi Monsters Countdown Continues

The excitement just keeps building, who is ready for the next announcement!!!

Day two and I have another Moshi Monster to reveal. Today we have Blossom the Blooming Wonder, such a cutey! Bright eyed and happy, a kindly Moshi. Not as popular for youngest as his noisy favourite but he does like picking me flowers, he often comes home from school with a few scrunched up daisy’s he digs out of his deep pockets for me! So he might be willing to share this Moshi with me or at the very least with her enchanted fertiliser she may well bring new life to my wilted daisies!

She does like slug pellets, I can’t blame her, who would want to deal with slug slime! YACK.

Youngest is waiting for the magic to work on those daisies.

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