My kind of company

love that my hubbie is in charge of ordering from Viking Direct with his work, they are a
lovely company for sending little extra perks in the post with your order
depending if you meet whatever the criteria is at the time.

last one saw me chomping down on a sweet/chocolate box from Cadbury’s, it was a
little bit of much needed indulgence. 
As you can see from the picture it was a lovely free gift. Suddenly I like that my hubbie has more
responsibilities at work because it benefits my sugar cravings!

we were going on holiday another order saw us getting a complimentary travel
adaptor, it was perfect for our trip to Portugal. It meant hubbie’s mobile still had juice for calls home and games
to entertain the boys.

wonder what my next surprise will be! I
will have to wait for hubbie’s stationary supplies to dwindle so I can see what will
turn up. The chocolate free gifts are
my favourite but anything is a bonus and his work generally go through quite a
bit of paper so I am hoping I do not get kept waiting long! We have had everything from bags to

think I might start ordering a few bits for myself, the toilet rolls are a
bargain and the craft
section looks well stocked. I could
keep the boys busy making Christmas cards for friends and family, with plenty
of themed sequins and stick on pretty jewels they would enjoy a decent crafting

am sure the cards would be very eye catching and in the process I will probably
have a very glittery kitchen again but anything to keep them out of mischief
for a while and it might make an improvement to the look of my very dated

will have to watch out for my mum though if she hears I have some interesting
new supplies in she will be round to swipe a few for her own extensive card making

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