My sister in law has the right idea

crazy to be thinking about sunglasses now, but this afternoon the sun was
beaming again and it was pleasant and lovely to be outside. I have lost my pair from the summer holidays
and need to invest in a new set. My
sister in law does not step outside the house without a pair attached to her
face come rain or shine. I am suddenly
seeing the merits of this plan, as the area around her eyes is very smooth and
wrinkle free, whilst mine is decidedly more aged!

have the mature eye look modelled to a tee! 
We are both the same age but my lack of sunglasses has taken its
toil. I love the big frames covering
all the delicate eye area of which there is a good selection of sunglasses here,
I want sunglasses which make a statement and some of these certainly catch your
attention and are so wide they might cover up some of my MANY wrinkles in the

don’t want my eye wrinkles getting any worse! 
So far people have thought I am younger than what I really am, but I
doubt that will last much longer, if I do not take drastic action quickly! I need to execute “plan stop eye wrinkles”
soon before they get too established and set to stay!!! With a pair of stylish
sunglasses framing my face and generous lashings of expensive eye creams I
might fix some of the damage. I am
always squinting in the sun, which adds yet more naughty wrinkles!

Luckily there are more tips to keep looking
fabulous and preventing
eye wrinkles online. I need to just start following them myself!

are just one way to keep looking younger, but a decent pair is cheaper than one
pot of expensive face cream! So a worthwhile
investment I would say. The thin skin
around the eye needs a little extra TLC, so do not take it for granted, don
your sunglasses and swan around like a film star!

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