My Sweet Tooth

you knows me will be used to my sweet tooth, I cannot have cup of tea unless
it’s accompanied by something sugary. 
Dinner has to be followed by pudding with NO exceptions; fruit is not a
favourable substitute to something sticky and chocolaty! I do not take sugar in my tea, which seems
like a small concession to cutting back on the sweet things, but in reality this
is just down to me not liking the taste of tea with sugar, not a conscious
decision to be good!

anything I am far from good in the cake, chocolate and biscuit department, that
is where my vices in life lay! If I
have had a tricky day with the boys I am more likely to treat myself to a big
fat cake like some parents might treat themselves to a nice bottle of wine. I am meant to be going round to some friends
this evening, so I am taking a rather delicious Baileys Gateaux for us to
indulge with!

I am getting older I have started to think about my health and I am worried
these habits might be problematic in later life. If I am thirsty in the night I worry it’s the onset of diabetes
so rather than keep panicking I am going to invest in a blood sugar monitor from UKS Mobility. With one of these pieces of equipment I can
see how I fare so far and make adjustments depending on the level. I think half term I am a little more naughty
than normal as the children are home and have been feeling ill, so I am more
sleep deprived than usual and feeling frazzled…

With the boys whingeing
over the latest injustice and commencing round 108 of the sibling battles on
only the second day of the half term holiday is it any wonder I am craving

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