One cut too many

It does not sound like a good time to be admitted to hospital with all the bad press in Wales regarding the state of the NHS. We watched a programme last night, which was not very encouraging, lots of families talking about how they felt let down and disappointed by their experiences during hospital admissions. Not getting the treatment they needed in a prompt manner as waiting lists were so long or just being shocked by the state of the unclean hospital rooms and the constant worry of super bugs because of this.

It really is a hot topic at the moment, worryingly the NHS in Wales is considered to be in a worse state than England, you can read the full article here. It makes upsetting reading, I feel for the families that have seen their loved ones not having the care and attention they should. Yet I do have faith that although the medical services in Wales are under financial strain if this was better funded by the Welsh government; vacant posts would be re-filled and skilled staff retained, hospitals would be cleaner and better equipped and more lives would be saved.

Out of hour services that are vital when you live rurally are also being cut and the service levels are poor because of the staffing issues. There are many good employees within the NHS but its difficult to excel with all these cuts and constant pressure and a lack of training budget. The knock on effect of all this bad press is also directly affecting the chances of effective recruitment in Wales. Who would be keen to take on work here when there is such tension?

But with the NHS struggling and people feeling mistreated, individuals are starting to seek legal help, shockingly the NHS expects to pay out £22.7bn as a consequence of medical negligence this year. I think this money would be better invested making sure negligence did not happen in the first place. But let’s hope that a review of the NHS in Wales will happen soon and we will start to see standards rising. Until then I will keep topped up on fresh fruit and vegetables, drink lots of water and exercise regularly! Anything else you can suggest to keep healthy?

Poor Mr Bump would have to stay accident free until its all sorted!

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  1. Great take on the huge issue of medical negligence. The payout numbers are growing every day, when some of the reasons people are claiming could easily be prevented by extra training, care and attention.

    Laura – Tilly, Bailey & Irvine

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