Our latest LEGO Family Blogger Delivery

Thankfully it is that time again for another LEGO family
blogger delivery. The boys wanted to
get stuck in and grumped about pictures first! 
Some toys are so exciting the formalities of blogging reviews want to be
skipped so they can get started on their next LEGO adventure in haste.

the plus side the arrival of the latest box has given me some good ideas what
would be popular for them for Christmas. 
I especially loved the Hero Factory packs; the figure you build looks
amazing afterwards! Eldest was so proud
he did it all by himself and then you can enjoy some battles and epic
conquests, as they really do look ready for adventure! Each pack comes with game points to use
online, I think I missed a trick there as unfortunately disposed of the
packaging too hastily!

think a few of these would pad out the Christmas stocking quite nicely! I am always at a loss what to fill them
with, so this would be a good way to cut back on the usual sweets that find
there way in there. Then you can come
round slowly whilst they build up their new LEGO finds in there, nursing a cup
of tea at silly o clock!

had a little packet of the Castle range, which certainly whetted our
appetite. We love the medieval theme as
it is, so I think we might want to add to this in future. I like that you can then bring some
historical references into your LEGO sessions, explaining about weapons and
armour back in the day but with the added excitement of throwing in a dragon or
two just because!

am still impressed with the lasting appeal of Duplo, the chunky bricks still
holding interest for eldest. He loved
the Ripslinger’s Air Race set (RRP £19.99) as much as his little brother; he is
a big fan of Planes after seeing it in the cinema over the summer
holidays. He was soon busy pretending
to fly around the obstacles, guzzling down the aeroplane fuel and awarding
himself first place and the reward of a shiny trophy against myself! Although I clipped my wing doing a manoeuvre
so am not as skilled as him!

find out more about any of these ranges head to the LEGO website.

2 thoughts on “Our latest LEGO Family Blogger Delivery

  1. the girls' main presents this year will be Lego – there is also still plenty of it on their wish lists too 🙂

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