Pumpkins at the ready

boys were excited to help with the pumpkins; they designed what they wanted on
them in pen first and they also did a bit of token scooping until they got
bored and decided pumpkin inners are smelly! 

But they loved the end result, seeing them all lit up in a
darkened room is quite magical and it means we are all ready for tomorrow.

Every year before this one we have done a
whole room decked out with all the decorations and the trimmings but this year
we have just done the pumpkins and are going to a party followed by a spot of
trick or treating.

With no
party for us to host, we have one less thing to stress about! Seeing all the amazing pictures of
horrifying treats my friend over at the good life blog has been producing I
would feel like an impostor just getting some Mr Kipling cakes again!

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