Rocket Xtreme BMX Scooter Competition

I am excited to reveal my latest competition. This is an interesting one, as the prize looks rather fabulous. My boys love scooting but this prize takes scooting to another level! With a Rocket Xtreme BMX Scooter you can not only look cool with the retro design but also you have the ability to do some stunts! No longer do you just scoot around, you can do bunny hops, tail whips and jayhops, okay I admit I just googled some scooting stunts – I am 34 and have never done a stunt in my life! But then I never had one of these scooters as a child.

Am sure you will have a very happy child if you managed to win this. But do not be sad if you’re not the lucky winner, for £49.95 with the scooter currently on offer it is a good buy anyway! Very affordable addition to Christmas lists I would say. I think stunts are going to be the next thing my boys want to get into, but for now I am making the most of just them going along at speed! But when they are ready for the next step or more likely when I am willing to let them out of their bubble wrap to learn the latest scooting moves I know I can go back to the Fun4Kids website and find something suitable there.

If you would like to enter please fill out the rafflecopter below by the 16th of November

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300 thoughts on “Rocket Xtreme BMX Scooter Competition

  1. Nice Prize. As scooters are popular with the kids nowadays. It is a good way of getting some fresh air and exercise.

  2. Not sure who would love this more, my daughter, 2 boys or me. In the immortal words of Harry Hill 'There's only one way to find out… FIIIGGGGHHHHHTTTTT'

  3. How lovely, my little grandson would give me the biggest Nana hug ever if i was lucky to win this fab little scooter for him 🙂

  4. this is a great prize initally came to your blog because would love to win this, however have had a good nose through and love your blogs and photo's etc, some really intersting and amusing stuff thank you will regulary pop in now xx

  5. What a lovely blog and a fabulous prize to boot! Can imagine myself, er, I mean my daughter whizzing around on this 😀 x

  6. This is a fantastic prize, and I know a little boy who would love it! (and a big sister who would have to wait her turn for a go!!!!)

  7. thank you for your site me son never sleeps he is almost 5 i like some of ur activites todo baking ect it does not make him sleep but it does help me bond with him tho the lil terror never lets me sleep and thanks for the comp

  8. My step daughter asked me for one of these for Xmas but I can't afford one! I hope I win so she will get the present she wants and deserves!

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