Run Rabbit Run The Sooty Show DVD

Another popular addition to our Sooty Show DVD collection,
youngest has become a big fan of Sooty since we started reviewing DVD’s for Abbey Home Media.

is good family fun that you know you can leave your child to watch safely with
nothing in it to upset them whilst you can either enjoy the antics of Sooty,
Sweep and Su with them or do some chores! 
I only pick chores very reluctantly as two boys over half term means one
very trashed house…

the bits I watched whilst I pop in to check on them are always quite
entertaining, eldest liked their being a real rabbit in one of the episodes, he
is bunny mad! This DVD includes 5
episodes and has a run time of approx 55 minutes, so plenty of time to get a
few bits done.

My boys are 4 and 6 and
its perfectly pitched for them both, the fact it’s broken into a series of episodes rather
than one long film works better for youngest and his concentration span. They
both laughed lots and did not grumble over who had the most of the blanket or the best spot on the sofa for the time it was on! So that tells you they were pretty enthralled!

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