Scooby-Doo! Adventures The Mystery Map

We have watched a fair few Scooby episodes over the years
but nothing quite like this. The
puppets add a novel take on the whole Scooby adventures, eldest thought it was
“different and better”.

was a little bit dubious at first; he did not like the Parrot or Gnarlybeard
one bit, but soon warmed up to the rest of the film and the other characters. Some of the puppets are quite comical with
big noses and kissy lips; he did not mind them so much!

both liked the music they said it made them feel like dancing! It is a good film for Halloween if you want
to celebrate without spooking the children too much in the process.

pretending to be a cracker to lure out the parrot made them laugh, as did the
chase down the stairs when they suddenly slowed done accompanied by tranquil
music as if on an elevator. The lighter
bits help make it more acceptable for the little ones and as always with a
normal Scooby Doo adventure when they explain what happened and unravel the
criminal it all makes sense and is less creepy!

to buy now and worth a buy just to see how cute Scooby-Doo is as a puppet!

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