Shopping with Children is not for me

I do not like shopping with my boys, food shopping is the worst, whilst your back is briefly turned sweets and other edible treats are lobbed into the trolley as quick as a flash! Usually I do not realise until those items whiz past me on the checkout and it’s too late to put them back on the shelf. Or the whining starts, “please can I have that?” “I have never tried that, can I have one?” “Oh look a new flavour can we have that for pudding?” – if I ignore the requests, they up their game and say it LOUDER and LOUDER, until we have the attention of most of the store.

I wrote a post about how painful I found the whole process over on My Baby Radio website when youngest was three, a year on and still its awfully challenging. Youngest has stopped crawling round the shop and they do not tend to open packets anymore, so I guess I should be pleased of the small progress. 

But I did I should leave the children at home but instead I think I will just order food online at my leisure in the evenings, because although they are marginally better behaved, it would be easier to just have the food arrive!

I am attached to my laptop after their bedtime anyway, so what difference would it make to use that time constructively and also do a quick food shop! The only problem with this is I prefer my meat from the local butchers not a supermarket, but thankfully Country Valley Online Butchers look like they sell superior cuts of meat so I would not miss out here either! Dragging the kids in my local butchers, usually involves them trying to play with the cow and sheep ornaments (which are strictly for decoration only!) and then commenting on why the meat looks funny (yes that is a bone!)…

So ordering online all our weekly food should take a little of the stress out of my life, leaving me more relaxed to start coming up with wonderful meals in the kitchen using my high quality delivered meats instead of living off the boys junk food buys from their last supermarket sweep!

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