Starting the Moshi Monster Series 8 Countdown

Drum roll please…

I am excited to be one of the eight bloggers unveiling a Moshi Monster figure a day to whet your appetite
for the grand release on the 18th of October. On that day I will schedule a rather
fabulous competition to win the whole set of Moshi Monsters Collectible Series 8 figures! One
competition well worth entering, half the fun is all the swapping and trading
of characters you are missing but it would be nice to have a full set so easily
much to the amazement of your children!

have had to keep the Moshi’s close to hand before the boys squirrel off with
all the characters to their bedrooms or stash them in the playroom! As I want to be able to find them for the
daily viewings.

So to save you any further suspense today
we have Marty the Mouthy Mogul, he has a loudspeaker to be honest this
suits my youngest completely as he is very loud! Sometimes I think I need earmuffs if I am going to spend any
considerable amount of time with him. I
wonder who would be loudest in a “noise off”!

Marty the Mouthy Mogul is also prone to tantrums and shouting CUT! Much loved by movie lovers and little noisy boys!

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