Still having fun in the rain

out the window at the rain and gloomy sky has got me thinking we need to update
the boys wardrobe appropriately! I
predict lots of splashing in puddles and us letting them play outside
regardless of the weather just to have a moment’s break from the bickering and
to ensure they have burnt off some energy before bedtime. Boys seem to need to keep active, to run
fast and climb, jump and challenge everything around them!

if I am going to let them play in the back garden in a bit of rain, they at the
very least need to be wrapped up well! 
The last thing we want is snuffles, colds and coughs because I let them
get soaked through.

live miles from proper civilisation so I rely on the wonders of online shopping
for most of our purchases, so Muddy Puddles looks good to get my two
equipped and sorted to be out whatever the weather.

especially need to get the boys wellies ordered fast as the other day
youngest jumped into the sea in his trainers, they did not dry off quick enough
and were soon stinking out the house! 
What is it about wet trainers… we had to throw them in the bin in the
end, after admitting defeat! The good
thing is my boys share trainers and clothes as despite being 21 months apart
are quite similar sizes in clothes and shoes, so eldest donated his spare pair
to youngest! But to save this costly
business they need suitable footwear for our outdoor adventures.

all its rain more than shine here. However
there are often different things to see in the rain; certain bugs are more
likely to come out like snails and worms, so you could have a bug spotting
session. Alternatively you can come up
with some rainy games! They have given me some new ideas, so I cannot wait for our
wellies order to arrive and to head outside.

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