The Big Wedding Review

I watched The Big Wedding last night as a girly treat
accompanied with far too chocolate orange and a big cup of tea! I quite enjoyed it, with plenty of comic
awkward moments and interesting family dynamics! Although now I am craving a big country house so hubbie is not
best pleased. Robin Williams makes an
entertaining priest with his probing questions and making notes whilst sighing
and tutting he made me giggle.

The characters are on the whole very funny and larger than
life! I was surprised the couple were
getting married after a year then realised hubbie and I were married after six
months… but they seem good together, although not sure I would be keen to take
on the rest of the family! The adopted
parents of the groom pretend to be together again to placate the birth mother,
who was never aware they divorced.

It has a few twists and turns; deceiving on this scale would
never be easy and often amusing. 
Although I did go off it slightly when the divorced couple actually have
a quick fling! At that point though it
all seems to go a little crazy with more than a few skeletons coming out of the

The Big Wedding is due to be released on the 14th
of October with an RRP of £15.99 for the DVD. 
Worth a watch if you like romantic films with a bit more bite!

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