Time to get it wrapped up

My Christmas shopping is off with a flourish; it’s about time I got it underway really. I have been slow off the mark as when I started early last time I just seemed to spend more and more on my boys! So I am just buying little bits now and then so I can see some progress. If I leave it too late the Christmas big sellers will have sold out and no time for the elves to craft some alternatives!

My mum has made an Amazon wish list this year, as she wants lots of gifts to help with her sewing hobby! Last year it was card making but now it’s all about making cute bags and stuffed owl cushions. I do love the owl theme though, I was thinking about one of the heatable owls as a Christmas gift for the mother in law. They are just too adorable! With winter on the way its nice to keep cosy and a little extra warmth in the bed can only be a good thing right!

I find it really hard to buy for the men in my family, but luckily there are plenty of gadgets on Gizoo, I think they would be a welcome change otherwise for my dad it will be yet more liquorice allsorts, although the love your liquorice sweets hamper box might have looked more impressive and generous than I normally am! After all I love my dad, he even fixed my broken gate the other day, he is such a helpful and kind fellow!

My brother we just buy a token gift from the boys we tend to be on a budget (hubbie and I often get nothing for Christmas!), usually in the form of a few beers! I do admit I do not show much flair and imagination when it comes to my gift purchases. I think I need to try harder… so I think he would like the fridge monkey so he could squeeze more beers into his fridge! He would like the thought put into buying that present!

For hubbie I think he would love a new laptop from Dell but he can just keep on dreaming!

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