TOMY Aquadoodle Jungle Magic Sounds Review

two have always loved Aquadoodle since being teeny tiny toddlers. I think all children seem to have an
affinity with messy play involving water. 
Least with Aquadoodle set’s its all very tidy and they still get to be

The novelty of Aquadoodle is still going strong even
though my boys are much older. The
latest installment with the Jungle Magic Sounds keeps Aquadoodle fresh and
innovative. As they draw they can hear
the sound effects they have selected, drums, roars, monkey chants and the hiss
of a snake. It is very simple to change
the sound effect; you just press the end of the “pen” against the special areas
on the mat. Pitched for children 18 months + and as you expect with TOMY toys it seems very safe for that age group!

The sounds do bring an extra fun element to the drawing,
for those children who might not be keen to develop their drawing ability, the
addition of jungle sounds is sure to spur them on! My two would have got involved either way, they love writing with the water pen, but I must admit the sounds did make it a little bit more exciting!

item has an RRP of £24.99 but you can shop around and get it for cheaper. It is only £18.74 on Amazon currently. Definitely one to squirrel away for
Christmas, I love how they can keep reusing it, the images fade fairly quickly
so you can get them to start all over again! 
Think how much you will save not having to keep them stocked in paper and pens for drawing! A ready supply of
water and their artistic ability will go from strength to strength!

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