Truprint Canvas Review and Competition

were sent two rather fabulous canvas prints from Truprint a collage
canvas and a single photo canvas, I think the pictures are by and large what
really makes a fabulous canvas but its still very important to pick a quality
company as you want your canvas image to be crisp and clear, the canvas itself
to be of a superior quality and perhaps to have the hanging kit included for
free with your order. Thankfully
Truprint ticked all the boxes for me, I was especially pleased to have the
hanging kit as otherwise your stuck trying to find the bits and pieces you need
to hang it yourself!

is the first time I have had a collage canvas and I was very impressed, it is a
nice way to display a collection of much loved photographs. I think canvas prints are getting decidedly
more sophisticated with lots more options than ever before. Truprint pride themselves in having the
latest technology to really capture the essence of your photograph and I
definitely love our new additions. I
have my eye on a solid wrap canvas next, what a clever idea having solid wood
framing the canvas.

process of ordering the canvas prints was very simple; it was easy to upload
photographs. You could add a title to
your collage canvas I choose not too, I did not want text getting in the way of
the boys gorgeous faces creating an impact. 
But if you want to record a special date or particular moment then it’s
nice to have the option to add text. 
You can also adjust the spacing between the photos, choose which photo
should be the featured one (the largest in the canvas) and change the
background colour of the canvas. So
there is quite a bit of flexibility to create something your very happy
with. I like that you can change the
background colour the most as depending on your colour scheme at home your
canvas will slot in nicely to the current dΓ©cor.

my single photo canvas it was useful I could adjust the positioning of the
photograph I used to suit the canvas size. 
You can see the DPI image quality score which gives you some idea how
suitable that particular photograph is to be used. Placement warnings came up if you were doing anything wrong which
helps give you a nudge in the right direction!

you would like to win a large canvas for your home (worth up to Β£70) then
kindly fill out the rafflecopter below by the 9th of November.

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296 thoughts on “Truprint Canvas Review and Competition

  1. I have a great pic of my kids on a beach photo outside a cave, the background looks fab and the kids are all smiling, no silly faces been pulled

  2. I managed to get some great photos of my little monsters on a day out to Whitby Abbey, I would choose one of those

  3. I have so many, just waiting on me getting around to getting them onto a canvas. Glad for the heads up that Truprint is so good

  4. I've got a gorgeous pic of my mum who I lost earlier this year cuddled up with our 15 year old dog – both fast asleep in the back of the car on the way home from a day out at the seaside!

  5. I have a photo of my boyfriend walking down a path that's covered in fallen leaves and lined with autumnal trees. I took the picture last year and it's one of my favourites.

  6. I would choose a photo of my 1 year old daughter and her 91 year old great grandad – for her great grandads xmas present

  7. Choices, choices. My daughter on her graduation maybe? My gorgeous dog, Max, maybe. Or let my partner choose some of her tattoo designs?

  8. I would use one of the professional photos we had taken when we went to Disneyworld. I don't have many of both of us as one of us is usually manning the camera.

  9. A photo of my daughter, Daisy-May. She's 6 months old now & because her great grandma lives so far away, she's only met her once & gets real upset at not being able to see Daisy & watch her grow up. I send her pictures every week. But I think a big canvas would be a lovely Christmas present πŸ™‚

  10. My BFF took and amazing black and white shot of her toddler looking out the window in the rain, it is such an emotional picture and fits with however you are feeling!

  11. My three little birds ( kids) I have a lovely photo of them all smiling. Which is rare because my boy hates pictures.

  12. I have a picture of both my children in black and white that my brother in law took that is amazing, would definitely get that put onto canvas if I could

  13. A photo of my daughter, without a doubt. Could take me a while to choose exactly which one i would love the best, but it would be of her, for sure! xx

  14. I'd do a collage, I'd have my husband and I on our wedding day and then lots of little ones around it of our children πŸ™‚

  15. My Grandsons…they aren't often together, they live a long way apart, but the love it when they are and I have man happy pictures.

  16. My brother in law recently climbed MT Kilimanjaro for Charity, he has a beautiful picture of the sun setting over the mountain, which shows the curvature of the earth. Would love to have this blown up onto canvas for my living room wall as a constant reminder of his time there.

  17. It would be a toss up between a photo from a recent session we had, as we only had a couple of pics of the three of us, or a beautiful image of a peacock.

  18. A photo I took in Florida (in one of the parks) of a Giraffe. I think it's just an amazing photo and deserves the canvas treatment.

  19. I had some beautiful photos of the kids taken earlier this year and own the copyright to them, I'd love to have them put on canvas πŸ™‚

  20. Max Spielman take some lovely pictures for only Β£5.99 a set!!, we are getting some more up to date ones taken next week, would be lovely to have one blown up onto canvas as the one we have is 3 years old now (my daughter was just a baby) x

  21. I took my 3 boys for a photoshoot at pixifoto and spent a fortune so we got all the pics on disc so would get them on a collage canvas :))

  22. A picture of me and my sister. We don't see each other all that often. It would be nice to see her looking back at me everyday.

  23. One of my gorgeous dog who died 2 years ago, he helped me through some real tough times like losing my mum, and meant the world to me. I have been wanting to have a large picture of him up, but at the very moment its an expense I can't justify, so winning this would mean loads to me to be able to do that.

  24. I have a great photo I took of my girls at the local abbey. It's a beautiful site and the photo is a lovely reminder of a fab family day out.

  25. I would choose a picture of us with our dog against a plain background as we don't have any good ones with her on the wall and she's starting to get on a bit now and is very important to us. It would be nice to have an image on the wall depicting that love before she goes any greyer

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