What to do when you can’t go out

One thing you probably don’t consider when you’re expecting your first baby is just how much of a homebody you’re about to become. You may be used to a couple of nights out a week after work with your friends, but when the babies come, the nights out stop!

Of course, this isn’t forever, and for the first few months of parenthood you’ll be so wrapped up in joy over the new addition to your family, combined with exhaustion that that new addition brings with him or her, that you won’t eve miss going out or want to do anything much in the evenings anyway. But gradually, as you get a hold of being a parent and start to get a reasonable amount of sleep, you’ll find that babies and young children do go to bed pretty early, which leaves you plenty of downtime in the evenings.

You have to stay in, though, that’s the catch. Unless you have handy grandparents or other relatives who are willing to come and watch the kids, or you have enough cash to go out and pay for a sitter too, you’re not going to be able to get out for the evening that often.

So it’s great to have something to do at home that allows you to unwind and relax without just blobbing in front of the TV every night. That’s why I love blogging I get to have some unique and memorable opportunities and chat to my fellow blogging friends. We are quite a close knit community, most people are very friendly. You can learn new tips and tricks to make your blog more effective, just have a chat about your day or even rant about how hard life with kids can be on occasion. But lately I am hooked on playing on my son’s ipad, when they go to sleep I start playing Hayday or Cooking Fever, the apps are very addictive, probably too addictive! How come I like virtual cooking but I hate being in charge in a real kitchen… probably because I am sooo messy!!!

Seemed like a good idea at the time #epicfail lacking skill for #FloridaTix10th bake off! Cake also was a bit burnt lol x A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on May 10, 2015 at 2:01pm PDT

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