A little chocolate happiness from Tesco

was quite excited to receive two yummy chocolate bars from Tesco to
review! I re-branded the bag they came
in to say open in emergency, thinking I could squirrel them anyway till I
really needed chocolate, probably that same evening as I really need chocolate
most of the time!!!

But my boys clocked
the bag and off they went with the contents, looking very excited and pleased with themselves… perhaps I should have written bag of sprouts on the front of the bag instead, then they might have left it alone…

Included were a delightful Tesco Gingerbread Stars Square
Box for £4. It is quite a small box,
but would make a charming little present or a stocking filler! My boys reluctantly parted with one for me
to sample and I must say it was moreish and I could have happily chomped back
the entire box! You could also make
Christmas cakes and top each one with its one indulgent gingerbread star.

I also had one of the Chokablock Santastic Cinnamon tree’s for £5, we all made light work of this, but I am
now craving the other flavours, mine was delicious but the other two sound even
more mouth watering, Christmas pudding and Cherry Merry WILL be what I insist hubbie gets me!!!

I loved them so much I might forget about getting our Christmas decorations out
this year and instead decorate the house with chocolate from Tesco. With the
stars and Christmas tree’s it will feel festive and I can always eat them if I get
peckish or after the big event! Much
easier than repacking all the baubles and ornaments…

surprising these chocolates are so damn delicious but Tesco does not skimp they
might be budget prices but they are still made by the master chocolatiers behind Hotel Chocolat and
Harrods no less. Tesco is the place to
shop really!!! I am just sulking our
local one is so far away, although probably for the best I will have Santa’s
waistline otherwise. They really are
that heavenly to eat and the range has plenty more to whet your appetite.

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