Choosing a Gift for a Female’s Home

As the special lady in your life – whether she’s your mum, girlfriend, wife, sister etc – takes a lot of pride in her house, a great Christmas gift idea is something useful (or just unusual) for her home. We’ve compiled a list of what we think are the best options, and handy hints to go with them when using.

The candle

Candles are a lovely, feminine gift, and they’re generally inexpensive. There are loads out there to choose from, but as long as you go for one with an appealing scent and/or attractive holder. Aim to find out what aromas appeal to her, and what the colour scheme of her main living room or bedroom is. If in doubt, go for a Christmassy one, like a Santa themed candle.

The personalised mug

When looking at any xmas gifts for her sections of most gift websites, like, you’ll no doubt come across lots of different mugs. Back in the day, they may have seemed like a bit of a boring choice, but now there are so many varieties out there that you can easily find one to put a smile on your lady’s face. Some sites and stores allow you to personalise mugs with your own photos and texts, which automatically transform a regular, household item into a lovely, thoughtful present.

The photo frame

Another option that may seem a little dull at first, but if you get creative, they can provide the base for a really caring Christmas present. Opt for frames that allow you to put multiple photos in, and get imaginative with the photos you use. If buying for a grandma in particular, why not fill a frame for her with photos of her grandkids holding up ‘Merry Christmas Grandma’ photos? Clock photo frames are also a great idea, and are good as they are two presents in one.

The soft furnishings

Cushions in particular are a really nice Christmas present. Go for ones with an autumn/winter feel, so think about colour and texture to add warmth to her home during the festive period. Some sites and stores even allow personalised embroidery on some of them, which can add a nice touch to any gift. If you know her tastes quite well, duvet covers and throws for the bedroom are also good options, especially for the time of year. Additionally, everyone would probably appreciate an extra towel or two at this time of year, as getting them dry can be a nightmare.

The completely different option

If you know your recipient really well, and are feeling especially brave, why not take advantage of the weird and wonderful side of the web, and get the lady in your life something completely original and unique? If she likes a nice drink now and again, how about a gadget to add some flavour to her vodka? Or if she’s forever aiming to keep the floors clean, why not a personalised door mat? Get thinking about her personality and sense of humour, and you’ll soon find something perfect for her that she’ll love.

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