Craving a new car

hubbie wants a new car I am more interested in the safety ratings whereas he is
more interested in how fancy it looks! 
He keeps going round in circles picking one out then changing his mind…

be honest as long as its got a high rating on Euro NCAP I would be more than
happy for him to buy one. My chief
concern is our safety I do not mind if we are not in the most stylish of
cars. Well safety and making sure they
have more space between them, in the super mini they are far too close, within
easy grabbing and wrestling distance unfortunately!

Also we have a tiny teeny boot, so we usually have to
overflow our packing all around the car, so my poor feet are usually cramped in
a funny position to fit more bags in! 
So safety and space and I would be well accommodated for. Hubbie on the other hand is having grand
ideas above his station (or our finances anyway!). I guess a little dreaming never harmed anyone. But a car without adequate safety measures
might! So I am not compromising on
that, I have put my foot down and said it has to be at least 80% (but ideally
90%) in the scores; the last thing I want is for us to have a bump mind!

travel a lot with events to attend and I want to do what I can to help protect
us. I guess if it came down to it at
least there are plenty of companies to assist with whiplash
injury compensation but to be honest I think prevention is
better than cure and getting one of the safest cars from 2013 would reassure me
more than anything else.

I just wish I could
persuade him that the Skoda Octavia
looks pretty good; its ratings are quite impressive. But he is finding it hard to shake off the old image of the
Skoda! If you know of a good family car
to help us on our quest suggestions in the comments are welcomed! I think hubbie is still pining for the RAV4 from our test drive most of all…

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