Doing it with flair

did our nursery on a budget, we had a pram second hand off a friend, we did our
best to cut corners and keep costs low. 
It was of course very sensible to be so careful with money but I still
regret not splashing out on a proper pram. 

It is the one purchase every mum I have ever known has got
very excited by! Unfortunately I was
not blogging at the time mine were requiring one otherwise I might have had a
chance to review one. I know a couple
of bloggers who have a rather large fleet of review prams!

guess starting off wheeling your child round in a chic pram is a good way to
cultivate a sense of style in your little one from a young age. We have always made do. I guess back then we had little choice
hubbie was on a low wage and we did not have many options. It would have been nice to have a pram with
finesse but we had other priorities. 
But if we were starting out now I would definitely do things a little

the pictures on my
crib rocks of a number of nurseries beautifully staged and the
extensive range of prams is very tempting! 
I am not in any danger of having any more children, but I hope my
brother when he finally does can be a little more indulgent. It would be nice to think that his
girlfriend and him could create the nursery vision they want and wheel around a
sophisticated pram.

do not think I would have ever been one of those girls with a pram addiction I
know some people forever moving from one to another. It becomes quite the obsession, I think if you find something
suitable and it works then I would not be swayed to see what else is on offer
and always on the hunt for the next new pram! 
I just wish I had bought one shiny new pram and I would have been happy…

think the bugaboo would have done the trick after all it seems to work for so
many celebrities, supposedly a status symbol for yummy mummies according to the
– perhaps that is where I have been going wrong, rather than being
yummy mummy I was make do mummy! But to
be honest my boys are no worse off for it!

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