Drumond Park Mask ‘N’ Ask Review and Competition

boys had fun playing this game from Drumond Park, they loved
how versatile it was so many different masks in the box. It is aimed for children 7+ which I would
say is about right because this game does require some reading ability
really so you can read the questions on the board. Although when youngest wanted
to play we just forgot the board and improvised using just the masks and taking
it in turns to ask a question until someone guessed correctly. So it is good that you can use the game when
they are younger in that format before advancing to the board when they hit 6
or 7.

board has two sides depending on if you are using the animal masks or the
people masks. We did find the masks
slipping off a little so you do need to make sure you attach them on
correctly. The plastic glasses you
stick them on to are a novelty in themselves and the boys liked putting them on
and looking intellectual!

two are little monkeys and are prone to looking in any reflective surface to
try and see what they have on their mask. 
So if you are playing this game and losing a lot, do check around to see
if your children are close to a mirror or a window they can spot themselves
in! I think its handy having the board
to work round as it does help children with suitable questions to ask. In these
kinds of games it can be tricky when they tend to base all their questions on
whatever mask the other person is wearing! 
That is what youngest tends to do anyway, so I am hoping the structure
of moving around the board will stop him giving the game away for other people…

The masks cover a wide range of animals or people, so its a helpful way to learn more about each. You
can see a list of stockists at the Drumond Park website. The game has an RRP of Β£16.99 but is
available cheaper if you shop around. I
think it is one you would enjoy over the Christmas period.

you would like to win your own copy kindly fill out the rafflecopter below by
the 2nd of December.

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  1. What a great game to play at Christmas; I can imagine my son and granddaughter trying to cheat (they'd say it was in their blood but it's not true!) by looking into the reflection on the TV.

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