Gooey Louie Review

boys were hoping for this game the most out of us being John Adams Games Group
bloggers. It is a little grotty with
the nose-picking element but to be honest my boys like all that kind of stuff

It has not made them any more
prone to picking their noses than before, if anything they have said it’s a
naughty habit so the game has helped somewhat!

can play the game one of two ways either you outright lose when you pull the
gooey that pops the brain out or you can play till that point and then see
who’s gooey’s all lined up is the longest and the overall winner. The brain popping out is quite exciting you
do jump a little as you have no idea which gooey in the nose will trigger it
happening. But youngest was not scared
of this he thought it was funny.

is one dark gooey which means you have to go nose picking again! But that is pretty much the game in essence,
but I think it’s quite a fun novelty! I
do not advocate picking noses in the slightest but this game surprisingly does
not seem to encourage them I felt. It
seems to have finally sunk in for them it’s a little yacky to do it, that or
they are worried their brain might pop out!

It is pitched for children 5+ but my four year old really
liked it, as its quite simple to play and each game does not last very long, so
perfect for the short attention spans of that age.

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