Helping my body fight back

I have just about got through half term; it was a
challenge with the boys fighting hard as always. I have plans to help that with a fabulous new reward chart but I
also need something to calm and de-stress me! 
If I carry on reaching for the chocolate and cake to soothe my frazzled
nerves I dread to think how big I might grow…

need a Pharmacy At Hand so I can shop when it suits me, rather than leave the
comfort of the warm centrally heated house to traipse into town in search of
medication! I have my food delivered
when it suits me, why not my health products too. It’s not like I can wear my onesie outside and its my clothing of
choice for the next few months!

need a decent multivitamin
to help me cope with life on the energetic side. Two boys with bags of energy whilst I practically have to drag
myself out of bed in the morning and then only to turn on the kettle and search
for strong tea! We have quite a hectic
lifestyle with school runs, blogging, cleaning, running the boys to after school
clubs and playdates. Hubbie is hard at
work in his job too so it would not hurt him to have a boost of minerals
and probiotics whilst we are at it. He
is usually found lying around in his onesie when not at work! With vitamins supporting our bodies we might
find a new lease of life and get those outstanding jobs done around the house…

Our bathroom will be
gleaming, our bedroom will FINALLY be decorated and the garden might actually
get mowed before it turns into a jungle and my own dad mows it in fear we would
get lost finding our front door! Where
does time go, vitamins and an early night now and then and we will be better
prepared to cope with what life throws at us. I think I should do this straight away given us mums have it tough, reading this article its no wonder!

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