Honey Monster WOWs

Youngest was pleased to see four little Honey Monster WOWs
packets waiting for a review. He was so
keen to try them he did not want to wait for milk and rather started eating
them straight from the boxes! He liked
the chocolate variety the best. With
milk he seemed to like the honey variety a bit more. I am not a fan of chocolate cereal; I think I have so much
chocolate on a day-to-day basis I cannot face it for breakfast!!!

My boys do not have that problem they are quite happy to
munch on chocolate anytime of the day or night. It is good seeing Honey Monster bringing out a new product range,
as a child I enjoyed staying at my cousins house because they always had a
better choice of cereals for breakfast including my old favourite Honey Monster
Sugar Puffs!

With four varieties of wholegrain you feel your little
monsters are getting a decent start to the day and I particularly like the absence
of artificial flavours, colours or preservatives meaning my boys are not too
wild first thing! Otherwise tackling
them into their school uniform becomes far too tricky at that time in the

You can find out more information on Honey Monster on
their website.

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