In desperate need of a new handbag

When I went to Britmums this year I proudly took my lovely handbag my hubbie won for me in a facebook competition he decided to enter. He does not tend to enter many competitions so I was very lucky to get it really.

But on the train journey home I foolishly had it sat next to the train radiator and I melted some of the black off it, so it then had various patches of missing material! It was a long train journey of five hours so it looked pretty awful by the time I realised…

So my tip would be to place your bag in a suitable area of the train, possibly on your knee but never close to the hot radiator if you want your bag to stay beautiful. As it was it went in the waste for the local charity shop, as it was no good as a bag anymore, sigh! So at least it made a little bit of money in weight for them, but I would rather have had my fancy bag still!

My capsule wardrobe has no more bags to replace this one and now it’s coming up to the flourish of Christmas parties I need to find myself a new one and quick! It’s not the same getting hubbie to stuff his pockets with everything I need. I have my eye on a Kipling bag from Posh Bags I admit I am not as clued up fashionably as some bloggers but I want one of those monkey keyrings!

The Kipling Bagsational at £79.20 would do the trick, I get my free monkey keyring but also most importantly a stylish and functional bag to compliment my Christmas dresses. So far four meals are booked for December and there is still more time for social gatherings to come out of the woodwork. Luckily I never get bored of Christmas dinner as long as I do not have to eat the sprouts!

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