John Adams Action Games Session

We were sent a lovely package of three action games, they
were Gooey Louie (aged 5+ RRP £19.99) Don’t Take Buster’s Bones (aged 4+ RRP £19.99) and Silly Moo (aged 3+ RRP £21.99).

The idea was we had a few of the boys friends round to play
these games with them but sadly youngest has been battling a fever on and off
since last weekend, only really getting better to celebrate Halloween so we did
not chance having friends over for this as planned.

Instead it helped cheer him up though as we were stuck in with
the rain belting down outside and needing some quality family entertainment to
distract him from feeling unwell. These games certainly did the job, although I would say that Don’t Take Buster’s Bones was not to youngest’s taste, he jumped out of his skin and refused to play after the dog barked the first time! I think for children a little older it is probably very exciting, although I do admit to leaping out of my seat too… if you like the thrill of not knowing when the dog will bark and turn round fast then this game will be perfect for Christmas!

Silly Moo was the favourite of the three games for the boys, they largely enjoyed the comic element of pulling on the udders and seeing either a milk bottle or poo shoot out of the cow’s bottom! Hubbie actually surprised me and preferred Gooey Louie, he thought it was funny picking out boogies and seeing the boys giggle. I did wonder if it would make them pick their noises more but eldest has not and youngest no more than normal, so least it has not helped them develop bad habits, if anything they say gross you should not pick noses when they do it, but they keep wanting to do it anyway! Perhaps it will get rid of the tendency because the novelty of the behaviour will wear as seeing as they are allowed to pick the nose here as much as they like…

It was lovely seeing youngest smiling after a pretty rough week of spiking temperatures.

I will do more detailed reviews of Gooey Louie and Silly Moo next week so you can get a real feel for them with more pictures too.

Until then you can find out more about the full range of IDEAL action games over on their website.

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