Needing a challenge

I was at University I studied for a Management degree, I enjoyed the subject
and its practical applications. But as
busy mum of two boys (who I am desperately trying to tame!) I sometimes feel
like I could stretch myself further academically, instead of refereeing fights,
monitoring sweets intake and time spent on computer games! Being a mum is rewarding at times, but by
and large it is a bit of a battle for supremacy, generally I lose.

have juggled various part time jobs over the years to make do but nothing very
challenging. I would love to apply the
knowledge I learnt to real situations. 
I especially enjoyed the advertising component of my degree, the dryer
subjects like economics and accounting and finance I did not enjoy quite as
much! I liked the flair and creativity
behind coming up with advertising campaigns and supporting new brands as they

media has come on leaps and bounds since I was at university. I feel a little sad we did not have facebook
back then, at the very least I would have kept in touch with more friends from
my time there. I also think I should
have started a blog back then to document the pre kids life! I do remember
fondly my days at Lancaster University
but sadly now they seem a distant memory of a far off past!

one day I will return to a job in business, seeing the likes of what a media agency can offer I am sure I
could slot into a position at one of those places quite happily. Having run my blog successfully for two
years and developing my own social media pages I think I could look at building
brand awareness for other companies. At
the very least it’s nice to have some long-term goals, even if they do not pan
out I like the possibility that they might!

One thought on “Needing a challenge

  1. I totally understand how you feel here. It's funny because i'm looking at if from the other side. I had a career in advertising and social media and after having my second son decided to start blogging to see what it was like on the other side of the fence.
    I totally think your skills could/would be useful to many companies as you would have a fresh perspective to offer x

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