Playmobil Advent Calendar

the chocolate this year, my boys have been sent a Playmobil Advent Calendar to
share! It might be a better start to
the morning rather than a bit of chocolate before breakfast…

think it’s a really novel idea getting little character and accessories to open
as the month progresses. You also have
a scene you can build to display everything nicely at the end. We had the Pony Farm complete with riding
gear, horses, grooming equipment and some farm crops and animals.

can count Christmas in with style with this set up. Children get plenty of sweet treats over the festive period so I
am all for them having one of these instead. 
I have not opened out the set as I want them to save it for the actual
countdown but thought my followers might like to hear about it so you have a
chance to get your own in ready for the 1st of December.

Playmobil are decent quality figures anyway, the ones we
have had are a few years old now and still going strong, so I have faith this
set will have the same appeal and charm. 
There are other advent calendars in the range, you can choose from a
police set, pirates treasure cove, forest winter wonderland and princess
wedding, so you could try another set the following year or buy a couple of
sets if you have multiple children.

£17.99 they seem a worthwhile buy because you do get plenty of pieces to play
with and it’s all boxed attractively. 
You can purchase them from the Playmobil website.

the boys did not manage to last till the 1st of December after all,
that evening they worked on me to let them open the lot! But it did mean I could show you some
pictures of the lovely complete set which came with a surprise or two! Eldest loved finding the jigsaw!

They both took it in turns opening a day each

Then played nicely with the fabulous set and scenic backdrop

I might be tempted to get a couple more for them!!!

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