Room to Grow Book Share Scheme

We were asked did we want to be part of the Room to Grow
scheme, as it encourages reading and an appreciation of books I jumped at the
chance. I remember my love of books as
a child; I would sit and read big chunks of a book so absorbed in the story
that I would completely forgot everything else for a while and stay wrapped up
in the adventure!

was thrilled when our first book arrived, Stick Man by Julia Donaldson. It is one we have managed to miss somehow,
both boys enjoyed the story and hearing about what poor Stick Man gets up to
before being reunited with his dear family. 
The only grumble youngest had with me was the fact I added the book to
the envelope to be returned for another family to enjoy… I think he would have
quite happily hung on to that book!

it’s a good way to introduce my children to new themes and different authors,
helping me see what books interest them and developing their enthusiasm for

The scheme funded by Room
to Grow started this month and runs through till February, during that time
we will have the opportunity to receive around seven different books. As the scheme is juggling the reading needs
of a wide range of children with the over 300+ books they have at their disposable
some of the books might be a little too old or too young for my boys, but I am
still very enthusiastic about this scheme and do feel it can be only a good
thing to encourage our children to pick up more books!

am saddened by the fact that a survey by the National Literacy Trust revealed
that fewer children read in their spare time and one in five are actually embarrassed
to be caught reading. After a childhood
dominated by the adventures surrounding the Magic Faraway Tree it upsets me to think
books are being so readily dismissed…

3 thoughts on “Room to Grow Book Share Scheme

  1. I used to read The Faraway Tree too! Love reading books to my boys and they love being read to. Our house is full of books so it's sad to think not all children are reading in their spare time x

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