Spoiling the ladies

I have started with girly nights in again with a lovely group of ladies I think
I need a few treats to get our evenings off to a flying start. Last time I brought round a Baileys Gateaux,
which was quite tasty but a little too alcoholic tasting for my light weight
tendencies. We also wolfed down plenty
of Chinese food and gossiped away for a good few hours whilst I sipped on my
heavily diluted wine (I literally drown it with lemonade!). It was a much-needed tonic and break away from
everyday life!

do not just have to be for Christmas, although they do make fabulous
gifts. I think the mother in law will
be getting one again this year. My mum
would have too but she has decided to make a craft gift list, more the pity if
I give chocolate presents I can always help eat them when we visit over

think us girls would make light work of a chocolate hamper for our next meet up; it might stop us gassing for a bit as we would
be keen to get through the delicious contents. 
With such a mixture of treats I am sure we would have more friends
joining us, there is nothing quite like good company and decent delicacies. Plus this particular hamper looks quite sophisticated so might help set the scene, seeing as the lot of us in pyjamas is not as glamorous!!!

Actually hubbie might get a present of one of these
too, so I can dive in and help him, especially as my mum has other ideas this year. The boys are of the age now they know if I raid their sweet
supplies so I cannot get away with that any more. So if I spoil hubbie with one, least I can count on him to share
the odd titbit, if I give him my best puppy eyes I might that is!

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