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There are some things you do without second thought, brushing your hair and teeth of a morning and evening, maybe slathering your face in anti ageing cream or making sure your nails are regularly trimmed! But how often do we actually check our breasts, given it can actually save your life surely it should have quite a high priority on our to do lists! But just getting the children to eat their breakfasts, brush their teeth and allowing me to wrestle them into school uniforms of the morning zaps all my energy, then come the evening I usually fall exhausted onto the sofa. The last thing that comes to mind is a quick boob check. 

I must admit my monthly self-examination is yearly at best so I am completely behind the campaign by NestlĂ© Fitness and the tweeting bra. What better way to raise awareness than a bra that combines social media (how often do we find time to read everyone’s updates however mundane but not actually get on with the things we really should!) with a vitally important message.

Every time celebrity Maria Bakodimou takes off her bra during the next 12 days a signal goes to a mobile phone and updates the twitter feed, it’s an innovative way to remind us to check our breasts! So follow the tweeting bra on twitter to see for yourself. If your not sure what exactly you should be doing during a self-exam then follow the tweeting bra website for a little welcome guidance.

Sadly breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK, so early detection is essential for improving survival rates. So if you think they feel or look different in anyway seek medical advice straight away.

This post is sponsored by Nestlé Fitness

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