Surviving the squeeze

It is tough raising a family in the today’s economic climate, everything is getting more and more expensive and it can be a real struggle meeting the essentials never mind having anything left over to put towards treats, presents or holidays!

There are lots of ways you can reduce your costs and thankfully E.ON, one of the UK’s leading energy providers, recognises how important it is for its customers to be able to work out how much energy they use so that they can identify opportunities for them to make savings in the easiest ways. It is quite simple to use the Saving Energy Toolkit, E.ON customers simply need to register and then start having a nose by seeing how your energy use compares to others in the local area. This is afforded by the comparison tool of the toolkit which lets E.ON customers track their progress in relation to similar households in the local area so that they can ensure they stay on track.

On the site there are plenty of suggestions involving home improvements that could save energy; you could have your loft or cavity walls insulated. So you can cut back on your energy using without impacting your comfort levels.

It is handy to know if you receive certain benefits then these improvements can be done for free, it is quite commendable that E.ON is so keen to help us look at ways to cut back our energy use given that is how they make their profits. I think it is a good sign they really want to help their customers and keep us warm this winter.

It is not just about saving money by being careful with your energy usage you can also save the environment. I am training the boys to be more considerate around the house in that respect, making sure they turn lights off in rooms they are not using and encouraging them to have lots of exercise and play with toys to cut down the time they spend on the Wii or watching TV!!! Personally I like being warm and toasty, but I am trying to layer up before turning on the heating. With a cosy blanket over you on the sofa it seems silly to heat the whole house when everyone else is tucked up snug in bed.

I found it funny hearing the term vampires for the devices that use the most energy! I think I will make a point of trying to cut down on them. I think we are all guilty of leaving devices on standby, so from now on I am going to make a conscious effort to turn everything off completely! Most of our house has energy saving light bulbs already, so in that respect I can feel virtuous!

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