F&F Children’s Party Wear Challenge

boys can work their charm on their whit woo’s with this new get up from F&F for Christmas.

look handsome and ever so cute with a little bit of F&F clothes magic!

want them to feel ready to PARTY, but still feel warm and comfortable and these
Christmas jumpers do just that, its no use looking dashing if your teeth are
rattling from the cold!

had the F&F
Reindeer jumper for £10. He was
quite excited to have a themed Christmas jumper, eldest grumbled a little about
his not being Santa until he set eyes on the gorgeous fox on his own jumper.

modelled the F&F
Signature Fox jumper, which is lovely quality for just £12 in his size, the
fox motif has wonderfully soft white fur. 
He coupled this with a smart pair of jeans.

also had the F&F
Zip Trainers these are quite stylish! 
But it does help for your children to be able to do up their own laces,
as despite using the zip to open them the laces do need tying. You could do an extra strong knot and hope
for the best but I am using these as a motivation to finally teach eldest about
tying shoelaces! After all a F&F Christmas prince is a very capable little gentleman and very resourceful.

can see the full range over on the F&F kidswear section of the website.

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