Things are looking up in the kitchen

kitchen is awful so very dated and in need of a complete overhaul, I think it’s
almost as old as me and I am starting to feel a little past my best! The sink has a bucket underneath as the
pipes leak and the cabinets are so old if we wait much longer they will be
retro chic.

think this is why I have little inclination to be creative in the kitchen; it’s
my least favourite room of the house. 
Well thankfully matters have improved considerably now I have a
beautiful focal point to the room.

new gorgeous rustic oak fruit bowl from Furniture Plus Online is quite
something. It is very eye catching; I
love the rustic wood, my eyes are drawn to it. 
Even the boys are keen to go and help themselves to more fruit as they
like the fruit bowl so much. Which is
something that pleases me no end, as pushing fruit down them is often a battle
normally! I sit the bowl on the table
when we play afternoon board games and they happily munch away on apples and satsuma’s.

only is it visually appealing it is also highly practical, it’s a decent size
and the inbuilt handles help move it easily around the room. The only problem I have now I have visited
Furniture Plus Online is that I could easily write a giant wish list of other
items I would like to add to my house. 
Thankfully they seem to have some decent sale items at the moment, so it
might work out okay for the next 72 hours especially!

practically has cobwebs growing in his wallet, so I need to thoroughly convince him to let
me spend on anything. But having fallen
for the fruit bowl too I have a feeling he will come round to my next set of purchases. I want to develop the rustic
wood theme throughout my house; it looks so much more authentic.

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